Jun 272011

In June 2009 a pagan named Pax started a project called International Pagan Values Blogging Month.  Now known as International Pagan Values Blogging and Podcasting Month, the project has grown into a wonderful archive of what we, as pagans from many different traditions, stand for.

A sample of the articles written by all kinds of pagans reveals the richness of our spiritual paths.  It shows our differences from the mainstream faiths without using those faiths as a point of comparison, allowing our traditions to develop an independent definition of their own values.  Perhaps most importantly, it is a living example of the common pagan value of tolerance and respect for diversity.  Here is a short list of some of the offerings that are available from this month:

1. Questioning one of the world’s most well-known ethical rules,  Diana Rajchel implores us to “Please don’t do unto me.” Later, she tackles a common problem for religion as she thoughtfully works toward a Wiccan understanding of suffering.

2. Em Graves sympathizes with the Catholic seven deadly sins, but turns them around into a positive statement about virtue.

3. David Salisbury fights for animal rights.

4. Kayleigh deconstructs a Hellenic perspective on virtue.

5. Freckles: The Happy Heathen hammers out the importance of kindred.

6. Stacy at Inspired by Life questions with the idea of Wiccaning, wondering if it is an appropriate ritual for pagan parents and their children.

7. Wendy at Between the Worlds claims personal responsibility as a core value.

8. Teo at Bishop in the Grove reminds us that sometimes we need to give up control to others.  When do we let go of the gun?

9. The House of Vines details some of the historical Christian attitudes about sex and women, and is happy to reject (most of) them.

Click here to see the entire archive for this month (as of today).

If you have your own pagan blog or podcast, you still have time to contribute to this growing index of what we believe is important.  Check out the website or Facebook event for more details on getting your voice and your values heard.


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