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The July 24th Episode can be encapsulated in just one sentence “We just want to be left alone to practice our religion”.

You really can’t fault the Wiccans in this scenario. The vampires are harshing their mellow. And it isn’t even our Bon Temps Coven that is wreaking havoc in the vampire community – the spirit of a long dead witch is taking out her revenge by possessing mild mannered Marnie. And Marnie, being a trusting spiritual soul believes the spirit is benevolent because, after all, she is protecting Marnie and her coven from the vampires who want to shut them down.  Honestly, it all seems pretty sympathetic to me.  Feel free to discuss.

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  1. Agreed! I think Holly has always been a good Wiccan role model. She’s separating herself from Marnie because the situation is so out control and ‘she’s got kids.’. I never read the books so I don’t how this plays out. It seems her friends in the circle should support her instead of abandoning her. Marnie doesn’t seem to quite understand what is happening to her.

  2. We’ve been watching too. Interesting. Those Wiccans are heavy on the mediumship thing.

  3. I’m not sure you can say that all of the wiccans are into it. Holly, for example, has washed her hands of it because she feels that they are going down a path she doesn’t want to follow (though I suspect she will need to get involved with the Good Guys). And we all know at least one or two pagans who are a little off the deep end, like Marnie.

  4. [...] Blood” may come down to how you’re watching the show, summing up one recent episode as “we just want to be left alone to practice our religion.” In the end LaVoie believes “there are bigger things to worry about,” and “if we [...]

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