Mar 092012

  • Here’s a fantastic interview with the women of Community. Via Jezebel.
  • Huh. It turns out images of paint drying are remarkably interesting.
  • You know how Hollywood keeps recycling the same few stories to the point that three different Snow White films are coming out in the next year or so? A set of 500 fairytales collected in Germany in the 19th century has been recently rediscovered. Many of these stories are not in any other collection. An English translation is in the works.
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  1. Hey Scott- I think this was a major find, on the newly discovered Faerey-Tales. (1) I think there was an impulse in the 19th century to collect this folkloric past- Scot (Sir Walter) assembling records of Scots witch-Trials in the early 1800s; the brothers Grimm (this is basically an alternative collection of Grimms’), even Evans-Wentz, on the Faerey-Faith in Celtic Countries in the early 1900s, and Benjamin Christensen, with Haxan in the 1920s. This discovery reinforces that perception.

    (2) As with the Grimms, this find appears to demonstrate how European Pagan lore could survive as medieval story-telling. In the story cited in the article: a maiden escapes an old Witch (this is basically Snow White); by turning herself into a pond (this is very Ovid’s Metamorphoses, as well as reminiscent of the Celtic identification of Water-Goddesses, ie, the Arthurian Ladies of the Lake). The Witch drinks up the pond, swallowing the girl inside her. There are a lot of Celtic stories involving someone’s swallowing up someone else inside them, such as Etain and Midhir.

    Then the girl slashes her way out of the Witch’s stomach- much like Little Red Riding Hood.

    I’m very psyched about this English edition; thanks for cluing all us in; how you find your stuff for Jugglinks, I’ll never understand.

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