Apr 242012

  • Essential reading: Valve’s Handbook for New Employees. I’m serious. It may not be Pagan, but egalitarianism in the workspace? Amazing.
  • Loki (or, at least, the actor who plays Him) is surprisingly erudite
    on the topic of superhero movies.
  • Here are a few more images of a 3D-printed sculpture of Yggdrasil emerging from it’s seed.
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  One Response to “Jugglinks: Pocket Yggdrasil Edition”

  1. Hey Scott- here is a brilliant example of why Jugglinks is such an essential part of the Juggler: Tom Hiddleston’s comments above so capture what (1) an actor has going on with a part, and what (2) what is the Archetypal “Thing” going on with Super-Hero movies, as to be brilliant. Thanks, Scott, for hooking us up with this. Oh, and the Yddrasil plant is amazing.

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