May 182012

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  • Here is a lovely photo-essay on a valley in Turkey full of natural formations of giant stone phalluses.
  • Did you know that the Moai of Easter Island all have bodies even though many are buried up to their shoulders? I did not. More pictures of excavated Moai here.
  • An Icelandic legislator recently moved a 30-ton boulder to his home so he could be closer to the elves who saved him during a car crash in 2010 and who live in the boulder.
  • And here’s a lovely short story that brings many of these themes together along with Peter Pan and Death.
  • Entirely off theme: but I wish there were a cheap way for this artist to get a license to publish this Harry Potter Tarot Deck. Someone give Jo a call and make this happen.
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  1. Wow – those Harry Potter cards are amazing. I would absolutely buy a deck if it were commercially available. Thanks for the great find!

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