Jul 112012

Sadly, news has come today that Dave Grega, co-host of the Pagan Centered Podcast, has passed away at the way too early age of 27.

PCP is one of the most prolific podcasts in the Pagan genre, offering a young and intelligently critical view of our religious movement.  It seems that Dave’s co-hosts plan to release a memorial episode in the near future.  I look forward to hearing it.

Please join me in offering Dave, his family, and his fellow hosts blessings as he continues his journey.


  4 Responses to “RIP Dave Grega”

  1. Whoa: 27 is indeed a way-too-early age to pass, especially for one young and “intelligently critical view of our religious movement.” Altho- the legends of both James Dean and Kurt Cobain were sealed by their early death; as were those of Marlowe and Rimbaud. For all that: we, the Neo-Pagan Movement, need the voices of our Young, to reflect to us, Our Path.

    From Cymbeline: Fear No more the Heat of the Sun, nor the Furious Winters’ Rages: Thou Thy Worldly Task has done; Home art Gone, and Ta’en Thy Wages.

    Blessed Be, Dave Grega.

  2. It’s a shock. Dave was a person who was very much alive, and it’s difficult to think of him as dead.

  3. This is terrible news, I don’t know what to say. I wish I had thanked him more for everything that he did. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and everyone who have been & are involved with PCP.
    Farewell, Dave, you will be remembered.

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